Magic Countdown

The Newest Magic Show from Topas & Roxanne

The countdown has begun for an evening full of spectacular illusions and amazing magic.

Topas is launched via ejector-seat directly into the audience. He rips himself in two, wrestles a lightning bolts, and foresees the future. And he does all this in his own unparalleled mastery of both magic and comedy.

In MAGIC COUNTDOWN, Topas, two-time World Champion magician, once again dazzles audiences with his amazing agility and quick hands. At his side, partner Roxanne enchants us with her unique charm. She vanishes within a wardrobe, taking an audience member along with her!

Audience participation is a key factor in MAGIC COUNTDOWN. Spectators may ask the mysterious Oracle questions and at the show's end, several audience members will suddenly find themselves somewhere else entirely…

MAGIC COUNTDOWN strikes a perfect balance between high-tech wizardry and mind-boggling illusions. After four years of collaboration with an international team of top special effects experts, Topas & Roxanne are back with their third and most impressive set of illusions yet.

So, prepare yourselves for the return of two of the world's most successful illusionists! They are back, with another spectacle of breathtaking magic, with a side of laughter. Get ready to be catapulted into the realm of illusions with Topas & Roxanne!