Magic - Illusions - Comedy

Thes two international stars of magic Topas & Roxanne have been working on their new act for over two years. Having performed in over four continents, the duo has integrated elements of their journeys into their newest spectacle. These unique illusions and original music is the product of their exotic world travels.

SURPRISE: Astonishingly Bewildering

Leaving an audience both astonished and bewildered is the key to both great magic and great comedy. In SURPRISE, Topas & Roxanne show their mastery at both, even as they grant the audience rare insight into the world of illusion.

A keyboard flies through the air. Roxanne penetrates 4 centimeters of bulletproof glass. A fully-grown person shrinks down to 20 centimeters. People melt away into foam...

And as a special treat, SURPRISE will be the debut of a very special guest. His name is Eddie, and his specialties include the art of mind-reading and...eating dog food.


A refreshingly amusing Magic Show with lots of laughs. Marvel! Laugh! But above all: Be Amazed!